YH-IGK fast speed and high production new type glove machines

YH-IGK fast speed and high production new type glove machines


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YH-IGK fast speed and high production new type glove machines Details

Control System

        YH-IGK series glove machine combines advanced to motor control technology and pneumatic control technology at an organic whole, users need only through a simple interface program control and the pin arrangement, can achieve arbitrary size specifications gloves or special function, convenient operation, achieve multi-usage, simplify the structure of the design, guarantee the stability of the high speed operation, reduce the production management cost and maintenance cost, to ensure that produce high quality products.

Under normal operation, the main screen interface.The content includes weaving position, weaving statistics, weaving speed, weaving situation and various control keys.As long as you click the control key, you can open various management and editing interfaces and easily program and modify product parameters.Usb port can be inserted into the U disk, through the system system management interface can be a variety of woven file input, export, modify, save and other editing work;Automatic centralized lubrication system, only need to set the automatic oil filling time, the system will be timed automatic oil filling lubrication required components, easy maintenance, make the equipment run effectively for a long time, improve productivity.

The pattern editing interface includes the main content of the current knitting pattern program.Click the number on the middle glove to modify the weaving process of each part of the glove, simple operation;Can set the yarn material color, and preview the weaving effect, so that the modification at a glance;Can be added and modified at any time U3, hot melt, double color, rubber and other functions, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

Mechanical system

Drive precision synchronous belt by servo motor: higher transmission accuracy, simple mechanism maintenance cost, stable and reliable movement Independent scissors, fork and knife drive design makes glove pattern editing more convenient;High precision zero position induction and error alarm to ensure the production of quality products.

The machine head cylinder is controlled by solenoid valve to realize the movement of knitting triangle and shuttle.The high precision high speed air control head is more suitable for multi-purpose weaving, with high speed and stable operation, which can significantly improve the product output and guarantee the product quality.Air-controlled shuttle seat simplifies shuttle components, improves control accuracy and reliability, and can meet the weaving requirements of different products.High hardness of the machine head triangle, ensure the wear resistance of the machine head.

Through servo stepping motor and precision turbine worm mechanism to control the running of the drum, more suitable for multi-purpose weaving, running high speed, stable and reliable, to ensure the production of quality products;Simple mechanical adjustment structure and precise zero and turn number induction, ensure the running accuracy of the drum.

Through the solenoid valve control scissors cylinder to achieve hook line and shear line action, hook line, shear line speed, shear line smooth, can quickly shear high hardness and high toughness of the anti-cutting line, improve product output and ensure product quality;Precision hook knife induction device, in the case of abnormal hook knife, will alarm, to ensure the production quality of products.









Servo Motor


Control Device

Full computer programming

Weaving Device

Sinker Weaving

 Actuating Device

Synchronous belt drive mode

 Stop Device

Broken wire, poor drop, motor overload, inconsistent stroke position, direction deviation, bad reduction of hook knife, the number of completed

The Machine Size


Performance Comparison

The old glove machine

BST series glove machine

The control mode

Mechanical drive control

Automatic electric control

Nose drive mode

Variable frequency drive

Servo rapid rotation control

Nose triangulation

Mechanical drive control

Pneumatic control

Nose shuttle mode of operation

Electromagnet control

Pneumatic control

Maximum knitting speed of fingers



Top speed of shift



Maximum weaving speed of four fingers



Reset the time



Finger reset function



Syringe control mode

The chain rotation

Servo drive

CAM control mode of insert knife and scissors

Mechanical transmission

Step drive, pneumatic shear line

Glove pattern editor



Real time density adjustment



Infrared length detection



Defective goods sorting



Glove weaving tracking display



Low cross weaving




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