YH-IGK Glove Knitting Machines

YH-IGK Glove Knitting Machines

weixintupian_20190601182212YH-IGK series computerized glove knitting machine applies to knit and produce all grades of anti-static gloves, such as natural latex gloves, nitrile latex gloves, PVC impregnation gloves and nitrile ventilated gloves.

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YH-IGK Glove Knitting Machines Details



Size 13G 15G 18G
L:88/89 L:103 L:123
M:83/84 M:93 M:113
S:78 S:83 S:103
Quantity of production 360 pairs/day 220 pairs /day 180 pairs /day
See probability 30-50 SETS / people
Power single-phase or three-phase: 220V 300W
Abnormity stop Broken yarn,poor dropping,overloading of motor,
bump of needles,low battery,wrong direction
Knitting speed Finger240 r/m Palm240 r/m
Size 1230X480X1750mm
External  1250X500X1200mm
Net weight 240kg


The performance of the machine
1. Computer control system: cortext-m4 34 digital microcontroller is taken to reduce failure rate of the machine. 
2. Sinker knitting system: produces gloves with higher resilience and toughness, and more hand-shape suited. 
3. Central lubricating system: divides into manual and automatic oiling central lubricating system; can supply oil automatically to each part; is easily maintained thus to increase durability and productivity. 
4. Durable needle plate: needle plate part is formed by inserting special high-precision gill after heat treatment. 
5. Light and flexible small handpiece: for the sake of high-speed operation, brand new handpiece has been designed to reduce handpiece load, realize more sensitivity and enhance durability and productivit


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