HX-305Glove Knitting Machines

HX-305Glove Knitting Machines


HX-305/YH305 series computerized glove machine based on sinkers as knitting theory. Using converter technique and computer whole-process control, it is possible to knit at one time labor protection gloves, magic gloves (half-finger, all-finger, silver ingots and simple jacquard weave gloves) and five-toe socks.

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HX-305Glove Knitting Machines Details



Main specifications & parameters:
Needle pitch:  7G  10G 
Size: C: 35 L: 46 L: 52 L: 63 
Knitting speed: finger: 200r/m, palm: 180 r/m 
Power: single-phase or three-phase: 220v, 250w; frequency: 50/60 Hz 
Driving system: crank drive 
Knitting system: sinkers knitting theory 
Abnormity stop: broken yarn, poor dropping, overloading of motor, bump of needles, low battery, wrong direction 
Screen display: digital display 
Other choice: feather circle glove knitting machine: 7G, L: 53


Type HX-305    YH305
Size 7G 10G
L:46 L:63
M:42 M:58
Quantity of production 360 pairs/day 280 pairs/day
See probability 15—35 Square / people
Knitting speed Finger300 r/m Palm300 r/m


The performance of the machine
1. Computer control system: cortext-m4 34 digital microcontroller is taken to reduce failure rate of the machine.
2. Operation panel: customized design concept is applied to make operation more easy and practical. Acceleration, deceleration and locking can be realized by operational experience.
3. Sinker: finished gloves are of high resilience and toughness. Sinker base is made from special treatment to guarantee more bright and clean gloves and better shape.
4. Central lubricating system: able to supply oil automatically to each part; is easily maintained thus to increase durability and productivity.
5. Durable needle plate: needle plate part is formed by inserting special high-precision gill after heat treatment. Needle components have undergone vacuum heat treatment to guarantee the products' durabiligy.
6. Light and flexible small handpiece: for the sake of high-speed operation, brand new handpiece has been designed to reduce handpiece load, realize more sensitivity and enhance durability and productivity.

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