hosiery machine

hosiery machine


  1. Weaving process system are controlled by the computer.
  2. Feeding system is composed of the main spindle and 5 the auxiliary spindle component.
  3. With double snap needle, improve work efficiency and sox head quality.
  4. Elastic device adopts stepper motor transport and adapt to the need not slack requirements.
  5. The stepping motor adjustment socks density.
  6. Automatic according to program control oil and set spraying mechanism.
  7. In computer control panel can be directly set knitting density and speed, circle number, etc.
  8. Boot position automatic return to zero.
  9. Stop or other reasons can save design, instantly after power can continue to weave. Detection and fault protection system, improve the machine safety and reduce the loss.
  10. The replacement parts, can be woven mission plain socks.
  11. Fill the liquid crystal display (LCD), Chinese and English can choose.
  12. Pattern design system operation is simple, can be in any one compatible computer 98/2000 xp operation. 





Cylinder diameter

3.75”           4.5”

Needle range


Running speed


Floor space in cm(WxLxH)


Net weight


Gross weight


Standard electric supply


Number of feeds




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hosiery machine Details


We are the sock machines manufacturer in china.

The machines can produce kids socks,men socks,women socks, boat socks.. Needle range:84-200N。we have plain socks machine,terry socks machine,plain and terry socks machine. the production efficiency is 800pairs/day. warranty is two years.

Cylinder Diameter: 3.5 inches, 3.75 inch,  4.0 inch 4.5 inch.we also have sock linking machines and sock setting machines.

HS code: 8447110000

Packing in the wooden box.

Gross weight: 340kgs

Net weight: 280kgs

Packing size: (L/W/ H,m)1/0.79/1.6m=1.264CBM


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David chen

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E-MAIL: david@yuanhaomachine.com   yuanhao8984@msn.cn

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