The technology and principle of knitting machine


(1) Principle of the inorganic head The conventional fl […]

(1) Principle of the inorganic head
The conventional flat knitting machine reciprocates with the machine head, so that the knitting needles in the knitting range are pushed up and down by the triangle to complete the knitting action. The knitting needle of the inorganic head computerized flat knitting machine is directly driven by the linear motor to complete the knitting.
(2) The uniqueness of the inorganic head computerized flat knitting machine
1. Each needle and sinker is independently controlled by a miniature linear motor.
2. The machine does not have a physical nose, and the concept of a virtual head is used in actual operation. The triangle of the virtual head (actually the hand movement track) can be arbitrarily designed, combined, or changed at any time. The virtual head can start anywhere, or it can end anywhere. Because there is no inertia, the virtual head reciprocating action is quick and sensitive.
3. Due to the lack of traditional triangular control, the curved yarn can adopt a steep angle, with the width of the needle and the angle of retraction. Some of the strengths are very low, and the fancy yarn with special shape can also be smoothly woven.
4. Due to the independent control of the motor, different stitch densities can be used for different knitting needles, and the traditional flat knitting machine is difficult to weave or even unimaginable patterns can be woven. Imagine the ability to change patterns
5. It is possible to simultaneously woven or transfer multiple triangle systems.
In the full-form weaving process, there is no need to use idling to match the transfer and adjust the position of the yarn guide. The virtual machine head can transfer and weave one or two knitting needles, and the patterns, pockets, sills and buttonholes of each color can be knitted at the same time.