Glove machine operation method


With the development of China's industry, the number of […]

With the development of China's industry, the number of factories has increased, and the consumption of gloves has gradually increased. In order to meet people's demand for gloves, the glove machine is also increasing year by year. Do you know everything about the operation of the glove machine? The following is a detailed introduction to the operation of the glove machine and everyone.
1: User-friendly design, safe and easy to operate, and the maintenance of the machine is direct and convenient.
2: It is not easy to break the wire during weaving and will not wear the surface of the raw material. After weaving, it naturally has higher quality. If there is a product with a core, it can be automatically fed, regardless of whether the bag is large or small, the amount can be correctly sent.
3: Standard parts replenishment and perfect after-sales service will provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation of your machine.
4: high quality, high speed, high quality, which will give you more space
5: At the exit point of the horse ingot, the industrial ceramic eye (aluminum oxide) is used instead of the perforation operation, and the reasonable structure of the horse ingot makes the replacement of the bobbin and the adjustment of the elastic force faster and simpler.
6 The automatic yarn breakage device of this machine is fast and accurate. When the core is used up or disconnected, the machine will automatically stop running, so in the case of unmanned operation, the machine can be operated with peace of mind to increase production and reduce costs.