How to properly install the glove brush


When buying a glove machine, there may be a lot of smal […]

When buying a glove machine, there may be a lot of small points to learn, but also a lot of knowledge about the glove machine. For example, the life of a glove machine, if the mobile phone is cleaned, if the glove machine is equipped with a brush, etc. Let's take a look at the steps to properly install the glove brush:
Following the fashion trend, wool-knitted products are becoming more and more popular, and now the woven products are not only for warmth, but also for aesthetics. It's a bit small when we keep warm, but we can still accept it, but now we are pursuing fashion, so a little bit of small flaws may affect the overall beauty. Therefore, defects such as missing needles, gaps, and needles are not allowed during the weaving process.
Gloves, warm gloves We only need it to be warm enough, and now we need it to be beautiful. If it is beautiful, then the glove weaving machine is not allowed to linger during the weaving process. However, if the brush of the glove knitting machine is not well installed, there will be defects such as a missing needle, a thick edge, and an injection tongue during the knitting process.
So how to put the brush? First of all, make sure the brush is straight, even and thin, and neat and unhairing. Before installing the machine, the two corners and the upper mouth surface should be trimmed to ensure that they are arc-shaped, so as to ensure that the two corners of the brush do not wrap around the yarn during the weaving process, so that the two sides of the fabric form a crepe or a thick edge. . Then install the brush on the brush holder. Note that the cap should be down to ensure that the angle between the brush and the needle is 7°, so that the brush can effectively open the tongue.
Note that the distance between the bristles and the grid teeth is about 2 to 3 mm, and the brush weight of the brush should be two-thirds of the needle hooks and the rest under the needle bar. If the cap of the brush is up or the tip of the nail is installed down, the effect will be much worse and the service life will be shorter.
In summary, the brush of the glove machine must be properly installed, so that the product will not be produced, and the produced gloves will be beautiful and popular. Only products produced in this way can occupy a certain share in the glove market.