Simple understanding of weaving fake flowers


There are many types of knitting machines. Now let's ta […]

There are many types of knitting machines. Now let's take a look at the false-empty techniques of card knitting machines:
Fake empty flowers are also called thread empty flowers, which is a unique function of the machine in imported mid-range high-speed knitting machines. The fake flowers are divided into:
1, woven rib bottom
Step 1: Knitting is not required for plain and anyway knitting.
Step 2: Firstly turn the left cam lever of the main machine head back to the original position, set the pattern selection cam lever to the 0 position, and the density disk to 2, then move the left setting lever of the auxiliary head to 1, and the density adjustment disk to 2, reciprocating weaving, the fabric weaving in this way is the rib bottom.
2, empty flower
Step 1: Insert the punch card into the card reader and proceed to line ***. The stop lever is at the origin position, the extension lever is at the S position, the left and right cam levers are in the triangular position, and the left and right hand holding J wheel levers are in double In the vertical bar position, the pattern changing lever is at the 0 position, and the buttons of the insert board device are at the 0 position. The medium thick wool thread is led into the nozzle 1, and the shuttle nozzle is closed, and the main unit head is woven from left to right.
Step 2: Move the left needle cam lever to the single vertical bar position, move the pattern change cam lever to the L position, the other keys remain unchanged, introduce the fine wool thread into the nozzle 2, close the nozzle, and push the machine head back and forth to knit.
3. Acupuncture characteristics
Needles are not selected in the holes on the card, and the knitting needles run in a single lane. Therefore, two kinds of threads are knitted at the same time. Hold the thick thread, and the selected needle only hooks the fine pile thread, so the two threads are knitted alternately, and the needles are looped to form a pattern.
friendly reminder:
(1) The two kinds of threads alternate into a loop, so the punch card must be punched at intervals, and the top, bottom, left, and right should be spaced apart, otherwise it will affect the loop.
(2) Because the needle is not selected in the unpunched area, the two threads will be knitted at the same time, so the second color thread that matches the medium and thick thread must be a very thin thread. Nylon silk or sewing thread is generally used. Most of the choices are colorless or similar thin lines of the same color.
(3) The pattern of fake empty flowers is the same as that of mesh empty flowers. It is suitable for weaving summer shirts. The color is generally light, and the thread types are mostly silk, linen or chemical fiber