Performance and characteristics of plastic gloves machine


1. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer t […]

1. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer touch screen, the three-phase hybrid motor drags the material, and the automatic counting can set the number of sheets at will.
2. Variable frequency speed regulation, automatic counting.
3. Use electromagnetic clutch and brake to make the size error of sealing and cutting bag small.
4. This machine is specially designed for glove bag manufacturing.
5. Convenient process control, high production efficiency, more warm, fashionable and popular products.
6. Controlled by a fully automatic computer control system, with efficient control and intelligent system. Its efficiency is to give control signals with high accuracy, so that the mechanical parts are accurately controlled, thereby greatly reducing the failure rate of the machine.
7. Intelligentization makes workers easy to operate and easy to maintain.
8. The intelligent system makes the machine operate in a balanced, stable, low noise, reduce mechanical wear, and intelligent induction improves production efficiency and reduces capital loss.