Precautions during assembly and maintenance of knitting machine


Some parts of the weaving machine such as: Spindle brac […]

Some parts of the weaving machine such as:
Spindle bracket, sliding seat, etc., must be ensured the precise distance between the sliding seat and the lower spindle knitting line after disassembly or replacement of new parts for reassembly. It is recommended to place a sliding rack and the corresponding upper spindle on the sliding turntable first, so that when the chin knitting thread is guided from the swing bar to the knitting point, it will not be caught or cut by the sliding rack.
During upsetting adjustment, put spindles on two adjacent outer spindle supports, and guide the braided wire to the braiding point through the swing bar, and tighten them. When the braided wire enters or exits from the slot on the slide turntable track, the distance to the edge of the upper spindle carriage must be substantially equal. The distance can be adjusted by changing the gear carrier forward or backward by one or several gears. If you can't reach the precise adjustment distance by moving one tooth, you can perform fine adjustment according to the following steps: loosen the five fixing screws on the ring gear, because the through hole is elliptical, moving the ring gear can achieve fine adjustment of the sliding frame After adjusting in place, tighten the screws. Place the remaining sliding racks evenly on the sliding ring track. If the swing height of the braided wire is different after the new swing bar is installed, all swing bars should be adjusted to have the same stopping point.
Knitting machine has many failures in the process of improper use:
1. Warp tension control: The warp yarns have different heights at the opening and the normal length. Because glass fiber has basically no expansion and contraction, an appropriate warp tension control system such as a disc tensioner is needed to control the yarn tension.
2, fabric complete edge structure: using shuttle loom structure; weft tension control is the focus.
3. Thickness and width of the fabric: Considering the effect of the thickness in the process of beating up, it is necessary to ensure that the opening is clear and the shuttle movement height needs to be reserved.