The test of Siping fabric


The test of Siping fabric Four flat fabrics are also kn […]

The test of Siping fabric
Four flat fabrics are also known as rib weaves. Weaving on a double needle bed, a full needle row, or 1+1 single rib and 2+2 double rib pin on a double needle bed. The so-called Siping is also in the weaving process, the circle forming depth of the four circled triangles should be consistent. In order to obtain the uniformity of the circle formation of the four looped triangles, according to the process requirements, the depth of the circle of triangles No. 1 and No. 2 is first leveled to make it level with the triangle No. 1. According to the circle forming depth of the No. 2 triangle, the triangle No. 3 is leveled. Then check whether the circle forming depths of the 3rd and 4th triangles are the same. The depth can be measured by the distance of the needle hook from the head line of the needle bed. After repeated observation and adjustment, the depth of the four circled triangles is leveled. After that, the triangular adjustment work of the four-flat fabric was completed.
Note on school test:
(1) If it is found that the fabric is not flat after the machine is down, there is a curling phenomenon, which indicates that the density of the front and back of the fabric is uneven, and there is tightness, which is generally the side of the tightness to the density. The circled depth of the circle can be adjusted to eliminate it.
(2) If the fabric has a thin needle and a tight road, etc., check the needle size, the size of the hook, the length of the needle, the length of the needle bar and the smoothness of the needle-toothed mouth, and whether the needle yarn is pressed. Straight and even, there is still dirt in the needle groove and so on.
(3) When the needles of the front and rear needle beds are crossed, due to the movement of the needle bed shifting wrench, the left and right offsets will occur, and the looping triangle will have a fast and slow line, which should be adjusted in time to keep the needle bed position stable.