The School Test Of Single Fish Scale Fabric


The School Test Of Single Fish Scale Fabric Single fish […]

The School Test Of Single Fish Scale Fabric
Single fish scale fabric, also known as unit treasure needle, is a kind of single-sided tuck organization. In order to make the fish scales full, in the triangle adjustment, it is a high, low, three horizontal and four straight, that is, the fish scales on the 1st, the circle triangle on the 2nd is going down, the density is opened, and the triangle 3 is generally fixed in density. In special cases, the direct density of the No. 4 triangle control sample and the lateral density of the fabric are mainly controlled by the No. 2 triangle depth.
Note on school test:
(1) Weaving a single fish scale fabric, the requirements for the side needles are: the number 1 is formed into a circle of triangles, and the needle of the 4th needle is arranged in a row to prevent the needle from being detached.
(2) The height of the No. 1 triangle is shifted upwards. The position of the hook is generally slightly above the center of the slot, and should not be too high or too low. If the shift is too high, it is easy to produce a missing needle. If it is too low, the arc is caused by inertia and other factors, resulting in a "needle", that is, "needle".
(3) A single fish scale fabric with a slight curl on the front side to the reverse side is a normal phenomenon. Due to the different structure of the front and back coils of the fabric, the front side consists of two coils and the reverse side consists of a superposed coil. If the curling is severe, the density can be adjusted to eliminate it.
(4) When the single fish scale fabric is off the machine, be sure to relax the No. 1 triangle to the normal rib density before the piece can be taken off the machine. Otherwise, the coils of the front needle bed are all hung on the tongue and cannot fall off (down machine), causing the front coil to be dissipated and bad.