The sock setting machine


The sock setting machine is to set up a steam generatin […]

The sock setting machine is to set up a steam generating device inside the sock setting machine. Under vacuum, the saturated steam is generated according to the process requirements. This steam is called low pressure indirect saturated steam, and the low pressure indirect saturated steam is suitable for steaming of paper tubes. Make the paper tube over-deformed and contaminate the product
Sock shaping machine
It is widely used in foreign textile, knitting, printing and dyeing, clothing, line making, handicraft and other industries. Textile companies such as Pakistan, Turkey, and India attach great importance to the use of textile steamers. When designing new plants abroad, textile steamers are included as an essential auxiliary machine and are included in the process equipment system. In China, only large-scale enterprises are currently equipped with equipment such as socks setting machines, which are used for shaping and sizing the yarn, but no further research and development on the other functions of the textile steamer.
Advantage feature editing
1. Short process time and energy saving, compared with traditional socks setting machine, energy saving is up to 80%.

2. The quality is stable, and the precise control of temperature and humidity enables the same treatment for each production batch.

3. The investment recovery period is short, which is lower than the investment cost of imported equipment, and it is more energy-efficient than domestic equipment.