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Jiangsu Jingming Machinery Co., Ltd. has one of the largest manufacturers of socks shaping machines in the domestic market. It has been manufacturing steaming machines, socks setting machines, setting machines, textile steamers, steaming cylinders, etc. for more than 30 years, due to its high cost performance. The preferred steaming machine brand in the textile industry.
Rotary socks setting machine
1. This machine is suitable for shaping all kinds of high-elastic nylon yarns, all kinds of socks and pantyhose woven from core-spun yarn, which can make your products look more beautiful, the colors are more vivid, and the dress is softer and more comfortable.

2. Using the principle of frequency conversion, according to different socks materials, socks style, thickness, styling cycle and setting pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily, which can save electricity and reduce steam loss, and provide a controllable and uniform finishing product.

3. On a continuous cycle track, there are 30 pairs of socks in each set of shaping cycles. (The number of cycles can be adjusted according to the type of socks.) The minimum working cycle is 1.2 seconds. The unique automatic socks device and stack are specially designed. The stocking rack, reducing labor and saving cost, truly reflects the automatic integration, so that the process between the shaping and the packaging can be operated in an orderly and efficient manner, and the maximum output is about 2,000 beats per 8 hours.