sock knitting machine


Plain socks machine The video is on website below http: […]

Plain socks machine

The video is on website below


Main detail:
Single cylinder 
Cylinder Diameter: 3.5 inches
Needle: From 84 needle to 200needle 
Double picker point and double down picker
Motor : AC servo motor
Computer : GUOHAO computer system 
Speed : 350-400 RPM
the factory has plain socks knitting machine,terry socks knitting machine,plain and terry socks knitting machine. plain socks knitting machine used for make plain socks, terry socks knitting machine usd for make terry socks. plain and terry socks knitting machine used for plain socks and terry socks.

The production for plain socks:
For men's sock : 250-260 pairs/ 24 hours
For women's sock: 300-310 pairs/ 24hours
For children's sock : 330-340 pairs/ 24hours
1 Adapted with fully computerized control system with no drum. The main motor adopt with the 1.0RW servo motor.
2 Stepping motor for elastic yam and stitch cam control
3 Adapted with automatic re-cycling oil system, and reset function.
4 Adapted with LED screen with Chinese and English language.
5 It can be keep pattern when there no power or the other reasons. With the USB to store many different patterns to make the machines more credibility and stability.
6 Attached floppy disk driver(compatible with WINDOW98/2000/XP)
7 One main feed include 8 yarn courses, 5 pattern feeds with 3 yarn courses. So possibility of 16 colours plus ground on the same course.
8 B type adapted with the same way as two-feed machines, so that we can make the running of stocking toe and heel more steady.
9 This series of machines adapt with the professional yarn suction month with blowing function, to reduce the blocking of yarn suction month. Also this machine have the function that recycle the waste yarn to solve the blocking problem and reduce the wastage of fun.
10 All kitting process worked with computer-controlled valve to reduce fraying, and protect the function.
11 Computer-controlled box can store 2 different kinds of patterns in the same time, and it can be turned freely It can changed work freely after setting the left and right socks.
12 The computer can regulate score according to body structure to make the products more fit.



Suitable model




Needle number


Rotating speed


Motor power;Main motor


Wind machine


Floor space


Packing size


Net weight


Gross weight




HS code: 8447110000

Packing in the wooden box.

Gross weight:360kgs

Net weight:330kgs

Packing size: 980/760/1550 mm