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The main principle: The main principle of semi-automatic machine is to move the head with the motive head, add the needle to automatically expand the width (automatic needle addition), reduce the needle to automatically reduce the width (manually reduce the needle). In recent years, semi-automatic computer knitting machines have been equipped with semi-automatic tripods in the northern market, and users in the south are gradually increasing. Such as Jiangsu Wujiang and Suzhou, and Dongguan, Guangdong and other areas are more popular.
Main use: Semi-automatic computer knitting machine can mainly weave some non-demanding and regular woven pieces, such as pits, etc. Jacquards must look at your level on the flat knitting machine. It can be equipped with different brands of hand-cranked flat knitting machines. It can be used to control all kinds of hand-woven woven garments, sleeves, collars, scarves, hats, belts, etc. under the premise of work-assisted weaving.
Basic features: automatic expansion, automatic counting, automatic parking, automatic color change, rough knot self-stop, broken yarn self-stop, shrink-and-receive needle self-stop, inter-color knitting, color change self-stop and other functions. The speed can be adjusted according to the number of different raw materials or number of knitting stitches, and the total number of positions in the 1--6 section is adjusted.