The concept and characteristics of single cylinder circular socks machine(2)


The characteristic of the round socks machine is that i […]

The characteristic of the round socks machine is that it can weave a bag-shaped sock heel and toe in both directions. The method of knitting socks is the same as that of the sock head, which is completed by a needle picker and a needle picker. When the sock heel starts to knit, first stop the knitting needles of the sock, at this time, the needle cylinder becomes bidirectional, and the left and right needle pickers enter the work alternately. Above the upper middle triangle, make it withdraw from work, this is the needle closing process. After receiving a certain number of stitches, the needle entry device enters the work, so that the knitting needles that have been withdrawn from work will gradually participate in the knitting again. When the needle is put down, each time the needle lifter pulls two stitches, the needle lifter still picks up one stitch, so that the number of knitting needles participating in the work gradually increases. After the needle is dropped, the heel is formed. Sock heads can also be knitted by the above methods, but the closure of the sock head can be stitched in a special process in the future, it can also be directly stitched on the socks machine, and other methods such as kink and hot melt can be used to complete.

When knitting some long and medium socks, hosiery hooks are placed in the disc grooves above the needle cylinder. The hosiery hooks move in and out in a radial direction. The front hooks hook the starting loop and retract. The loop is hidden. When the single-layer sock is knitted to a sufficient length and folded into the required double layer, the sock hook is moved forward, and the initial coil is transferred to the tongue needle to fold the double-layer sock. The action of knitting needles when opening and folding is completed by another triangle system.