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The function of the weaving mechanism is to weave the y […]

The function of the weaving mechanism is to weave the yarn into a tubular sock blank or a flat flap by working through the looping mechanism. The knitting machine of the sock machine has knitting needles, sinkers, yarn guides and triangles. The flat socks machine has knitting needles, curved yarn sheets, split yarn sheets, knock-off sheets, yarn guides and tableting. The knitting needle of the sock machine is arranged on the syringe, and the yarn guide is fixed around the barrel to feed the yarn into the knitting area. There are several incoming lines called several roads, generally 1 to 12 roads, the more the number of roads, the higher the productivity. When the cylinder is rotated, the tongue is moved up and down by the action of a triangle, and is woven by the yarn guide. When knitting the heel and the toe, the needle and the needle are engaged by the needle picker and the needle to form a bag shape. The knitting needles of the flat socks machine are fixed on the needle bed and move together with the needle bed. The yarn guide moves along the needle bed to perform the yarn laying, and at the same time, the knitting is performed by the cooperation of the bending piece, the dividing piece and the knocking piece.
The function of the control mechanism is to control the entry or exit of the machine during the process of weaving a sock, and to control the length of the syringe and the speed and steering as well as the length of the socks. The role of the transmission mechanism is to move the mechanisms in a predetermined pattern. The syringe of the sock machine not only makes one-way rotation, but also makes two-way rotation when weaving the heel and the toe. The function of the needle selection mechanism is to arrange the pre-designed patterns in the needle selection device in order according to requirements, and to pass the machine parts so that the knitting needles are woven according to a certain procedure. The function of the density adjusting mechanism is to adjust the density of each section when knitting the socks by adjusting the relative positions of the knitting needles and the sinkers to adjust the bending depth. The pulling mechanism functions to draw the formed coil from the woven region by means of a weight, a roller, a gas flow or the like during the weaving process.