Development and future of the textile equipment industry


In recent years, China's textile equipment and componen […]

In recent years, China's textile equipment and component industry has achieved remarkable results: the product range covers the entire process of textile machinery, and its output ranks among the top in the world. Some of its products are close to or reach international standards. In the process of industry development, there are also some problems, and industry enterprises are gradually developing in the difficult situation.
Competitive advantage
With the strengthening of technological innovation and the increasing scientific management, the textile equipment industry has also shown a good development trend. Industrial concentration has increased. Along with the intensification of industry competition, the number of manufacturing enterprises in the industry has been decreasing. Taking the wire ring as an example, the number of enterprises 10 years ago was more than 30. Today, there are only 8 entities in the entity. The same is true for the clothing industry. From about 60 in the early 1990s to about 20 at present, the number of companies has also decreased, but the industry has increased in size. Under the competition, the variety of products in the industry has increased and the quality has been greatly improved.
Pay attention to technological transformation and cost reduction and efficiency. At present, most of the industrial enterprises have achieved mechanical control, and the product technology level and equipment have made a qualitative leap, and the degree of equipment automation has been further improved. It can be seen from the industry exhibitions in recent years: the specifications of the special equipments are constantly improving, and the new textile technology develops simultaneously, and there are major breakthroughs in key processes, further narrowing the gap with the international level. Such as carding combined with card clothing, carding machine for combing machine, nipper plate, vortex spinning, rubber roller for siro gathering and spinning, steel wire ring for spinning special fine yarn, etc., which are used in place of import and satisfying the use of high-end products. A welcome progress.
With the implementation of the national standardization strategy, enterprises actively participate in the system and revision of national standards and industry standards, and the practicality of industry standards is continuously enhanced. With the continuous improvement of industry standards, textile equipment standards play an important technical support role for the development of the industry, and greatly enhance the international market competitiveness of domestic textile equipment.