What are the characteristics of the automatic glove machine


We produce and sell spare parts of glove machines by ou […]

We produce and sell spare parts of glove machines by ourselves. needle range:7G\10G\13G\15G\18G. warranty is 2 years.the production efficiency is 430pairs/day.

Can produce a variety of types of labor protection gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, oil resistant gloves, welder gloves, anti-vibration gloves, fire retardant gloves, static gloves, dust gloves, leather gloves, anti-static gloves, etc. The machine has always been at the international advanced level, and the automatic glove machine has become more and more advanced, and the operation is more and more humanized. So what are the characteristics of the automatic glove machine produced by our company? Let us explain in detail:

1. Fully enclosed slide bar type needle bar mechanism; the slide bar type needle bar mechanism is fully enclosed, which can automatically send oil and improve wear resistance. It has a unique style.

2. Digitally controlled two-color conversion device: it can weave the most popular gloves of the moment and improve the economic benefits of businesses.

3. Automatic strong injection pressure lubrication device: to ensure that the machine can continue to run at a maximum of 5500 rpm, improving work efficiency.

4. Air-jet dedusting at the right time: the knitted gloves are clean and tidy, which is more grade.

5. Durable cutter: This machine adopts the cutter made of high-grade cemented carbide material, which greatly reduces the grinding time. And the wear resistance is 10-20 times higher than that of ordinary high carbon steel materials.

6. Special thread adjustment device: the machine can adjust the thread output range from 1 to 20 mm, which can reach a large thread output over the general overlock sewing machine.

7. New chain thread take-up mechanism; simple structure, stable performance, and convenient adjustment.

8. Weaving by sinker method; the gloves produced are more elastic, tough, soft and comfortable.

9. Adjustable upper looper mechanism: meet the needs of thick and thin seams.

10. Flexible and convenient differential feeding device; saves labor, lowers production cost and maintenance cost.

11. The control keyboard is easy to operate: the operator is easy to understand and quick to use.

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