The development prospects of knitting machines


The future development prospects of China's domestic kn […]

The future development prospects of China's domestic knitting machine manufacturers have a long time, so what is the development status of the knitting machine? What is its development trend? At present, the advanced equipment of the domestic knitting machine industry The occupation rate is less than 40%. A few large-scale knitting machine manufacturers have relatively advanced technical equipment, and other enterprises use relatively backward equipment, which seriously affects the development of production capacity and product quality.

Match. Prevention and treatment method: Appropriately increase the number of turns of the cable on the traction wheel, the speed between the adjusters is stable, the heating tank is installed between the two knitting machines, and after the inner layer of rubber is woven with the first layer of steel wire, the knitting machine is used to prevent the inner layer. The temperature of the layer is lower than that of the moisture in the atmosphere condensing on the braid to rust the steel wire and generate bubbles. When the tube embryo passes through the jacket heating tank, the heating is heated. The heated tube blank is encapsulated before entering the first knitting machine.

As the development of new products for knitting machines is moving towards the adoption of new materials to meet the special functions, weaving machine manufacturers are also paying more attention to full molding and functionality while improving the degree of computer control and improving the computer-aided pattern design system. And the development of high efficiency knitting machine industry. The technical level of knitting machines is uneven, and there is still a certain gap compared with foreign first-class machinery.

At present, many knitting machine manufacturers in China have begun to look for export opportunities. China's knitting machine production technology is actually good, and it can lead some countries in the world. Although China started late in this industry, we now have an advantage in production technology. And now countries are also willing to start trade cooperation. If China's knitting machine enterprises can really have the opportunity to develop into foreign markets, then China's high-speed knitting machines can usher in many consumers, and it can develop better.