Photoelectric scanning principle of card reader of knitting machine(2)


When the installation and commissioning of the knitting […]

When the installation and commissioning of the knitting machine meets the above requirements, we can perform the knitting. First of all, we need to carry out the needle lifting. The needle lifting of the single needle bed of the knitting machine, that is, flat needle, does not require a needle comb. In principle, the needle lifting methods are as follows:
1, every needle up method
First push all the knitting needles participating in knitting on the host's needle bed to the b position, and then use a pusher board to push the needles at the b position to the d position, install the insertion board device, and lift the needle bars on both sides of the host head. Pull to the 0 position, lower the two embossing brushes, and lead the yarn into the yarn feeder a. After closing the yarn feeder, pull the yarn head to the front, pass the *** knitting needles, and gently push the machine head to weave two rows. , Raise the embossing brush and continue weaving.
2, Serial Crochet
First push all the knitting needles that need to participate in the knitting to the d position, and then use the tongue crochet hooks to hook the yarn one by one to form a continuous bad pattern on the knitting needles. *** The loop is hung on the needle hook, pushing the machine head to continue knitting.
3, hanging line method
Push the knitting needle spacers that need to participate in knitting to position b, weave a row, and then use a piece of waste thread between the needle and the door hook to continue knitting. After weaving, remove the waste thread.