Main features and functions of the socks machine


1. The needle-moving parts are made in Japan with high […]

1. The needle-moving parts are made in Japan with high stability and wear resistance.
2, no drum type full computer control system
3, with UPS uninterruptible power system, can maintain the knitting memory program and action when power failure occurs, continue to complete the weaving when the call, reduce the loss of high-performance electrical control box.
4, each built a USB interface, easy to read data
5, with the double pick, double needle design, so that the productivity and quality are higher than the traditional single needle
6, super multi-color design, * high up to 2 mouth color + 5 mouth jacquard (16 colors)
7. Pneumatic yarn system
8. The rubber yarn is controlled by the stepping motor to control the yarn input quantity, and the multi-change cylinder diameter can be woven, and there are single and double color options (optional).
9, automatic lubrication system, mining computer micro-control injector
10, there are a variety of languages for customers to choose to display fault messages, processing reference methods, production quantities, speed and other information, through the LCD on the machine to display, it is easy for the operator to master the machine state.
11. Fabric density, speed, length, size, number of pieces, graphics, chain program, etc. can be set or corrected directly through the main console computer on the machine.
12, large memory capacity, can store a variety of graphic sizes on the socks machine at the same time.
13. Improve fault detection and self-protection systems.
14, a new generation of drawing system, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand, full-featured. Both PIC and BMP files are common.
15. The built-in revitalization of the drawing system is dedicated to the development of the 3D weaving method.