How do knitting machines work


LK150 knitting machines.They look like a small piano ke […]

LK150 knitting machines.They look like a small piano keyboard; the stand looks like an ironing board.

You can set it up to sit or stand while knitting on it.


Each knitting machine has 150 needles to make a fabric that is 150 stitches wide, maximum.

To knit on my knitting machines, the first step is to set up the yarn cone on the floor and make a backward loop through each needle.

Set up weights to pull the work down as you go, otherwise it will bunch up and not make good rows.

Then, the yarn is passed through the shuttle (there are various types of shuttles).

To make a row of knitting, pull the shuttle by the handle on top once across the needles, and the row of knitting will drop down.

The basic shuttle will make a row of stockinette stitch.

To decrease on either side, use a latch tool to place the loop from the last needle onto the next one over; one stitch on that side decreased.

To increase again, take the working yarn and make a loop at the end of the work; one stitch increased.

Knitting with a knitting machine is both fun and fast. You can knit blocks of fabric and cut it to shape it, or shape it while it is on the machine by increasing and decreasing the number of stitches being used.