Glove machine sewing machine use precautions(2)


4. Installation. First install the platen on the rack, […]

4. Installation. First install the platen on the rack, then install the motor under it; look at the chassis, you can find four rubber pads, the head is installed here. Then install the chain, one end behind the nose, in the head of the lever, there is a hole in the head of the lever to press the chain inside; there is also a hole in the right pedal of the frame, the other end of the chain is linked here . Then make the wiring of the motor, pay attention to the wiring diagram, here you need to pay attention to the phase of the positive wiring, to ensure that the pulley is rotated clockwise. Finally, link the left foot of the footboard with the chain and the motor, taking care to connect it to the clutch lever.
5, threading. When threading, be sure to pay attention to the order, display the looper thread, then the needle thread, do not mix the order. If you put the wrong stitch, it will make the upper needle thread easy to break.
6, try. Trial is a crucial step. First, inject the lubricant, then start the machine to see if there is any fuel injection. Run for 10 to 20 minutes, then test the car to see if the machine is working properly. If everything is ok, you can put it into use.
The glove machine sewing machine can be used correctly and effectively according to the above steps.