Glove machine raw materials and uses


Glove machine is suitable for raw materials: nylon mult […]

Glove machine is suitable for raw materials: nylon multifilament (wire), polypropylene filament (wire), polypropylene, polyester, nylon, PP, low elastic, high elastic, cotton yarn (line), pearl light, leather, mixing and so on. The high-speed walking glove machine has a complete N-color automatic conversion device, and is driven by a computer-controlled motor to automatically switch between the yarn feeders, so that the knitting of the multi-color pattern is simple and easy. Its high-performance knitting makes it easy to complete high-quality flower weaving that can only be done on a large computer weaving machine, which is a miniaturization of high-end computer weaving.
Uses: woven labor protection gloves, half finger gloves, jacquard gloves and so on. Specifications: 7 needles; 8 needles; 10 needles. Glove size: 7 needle (SML); 8 needle (SML); 10 needle (SML) drag: 50HZ; 220V; 0.25KW single-phase AC motor Speed: 0.4KW single-phase inverter speed regulation. Control system: computer control. Self-stop device: This machine is installed, the segment line stops automatically; the direction is wrong and stops automatically; the fabric does not stop automatically. Rotating mechanism: cam, crank mechanism. Needle selection mechanism: needle selection roller device. Lubrication device: Central lubrication of the hand pump.