Function and maintenance analysis of stocking machine


The product is woven at one time, the seam is automatic […]

The product is woven at one time, the seam is automatically sutured, the speed of the machine can reach 95 rpm, the equipment is high speed and high efficiency; the vacuum suction is carried out, the structure is simple, the fabric is evenly stretched, and the fiber performance is effectively prevented; 2 6-stage needle selector, multi-station pneumatic triangle and yarn feeder, stepper motor control of conjugate cam, constant tension yarn feeding technology for automatic adjustment of yarn tension, making fabrics diverse; touch-type high-definition color display Capacitive screen, full Chinese man-machine interface, simple zero and automatic correction zero function, easy to operate;
Proofing software is compatible with St. Donny, which effectively reduces programming time and improves program management convenience; unique electrical equipment testing and management functions, intuitive prompt information, greatly reducing the rate of downtime; grid voltage detection and backup power supply, effective Support work site protection for sudden power failure of the power grid; automatic detection and shutdown function of yarn breakage and entanglement, effectively preventing the occurrence of fabric defects;
The system can be upgraded to realize the online technology with the intelligent management platform as the core; the double-layer aluminum seat of the integrated secondary solution treatment designed by the sock machine, and the syringe of the separate structure can effectively ensure the working stability of the equipment knitting machine. And waste space; data bus type control design, control the centralized installation design of the solenoid valve, make the whole machine clean and easy to maintain; modular overall design, yarn breakage detection, constant tension control quantity, brand flexible and diverse selection function;