Classification of sock machines


The sock machine can be divided into two categories: fl […]

The sock machine can be divided into two categories: flat socks machine and round sock machine. The product of the flat socks machine is a formed sock piece, which is stitched into a sock, which is generally used for weaving long-term women's socks, and is rarely used because of low productivity. The sock machine products are cylindrical shaped socks, and the round sock machine can be divided into two types: single syringe and double syringe.

1.Single needle socks machine
Socks machine Weaving Luokou socks and horizontal socks.
Folding socks machine Weaving flat socks and over-the-knee stockings.
Embroidery socks machine Monochrome embroidery socks machine (such as Z506 socks machine), two-color embroidery socks machine (such as Z507, Z507A socks machine), can weave monochrome or two-color embroidery socks.
Jacquard socks machine Two-color jacquard socks machine (such as Z501 socks machine), three-color jacquard socks machine (such as Z503 socks machine), can weave two-color or three-color embroidery socks.
Jacquard embroidery socks machine Weaving jacquard and embroidered socks.
Terry socks machine can weave terry socks.
Luokou straight down socks machine This type of different socks machine can be woven elastic fake Luokou, single Luokou and double stockings.
Single-program automatic sock machine
2.Double needle socks machine 

Socks machine  can weave a variety of ribbed socks.
Embroidered socks machine  Embroider on ribbed socks. The
Jacquard socks machine  can weave two-color, three-color jacquard socks, can also weave jacquard and concave and convex composite socks