Automatic floor planing machine


Automatic floor planing machine: Automatic room weaving […]

Automatic floor planing machine: Automatic room weaving machine is divided into computer room and mechanical room. It is mainly used to weave some transverse cloths, and its cycle and the length between each color are theoretically infinite. The reason why the automatic machine can weave the spacing specified by the modulus is mainly because each mold yarn nozzle is provided with four pairs of fingers, each finger is connected with a yarn branch of different colors, and when the selection of the finger is matched, You can control the color change of each line. Since there are only four fingers per die, only four or fewer color combinations can be woven. As for the woven four colors or more, it depends on the arrangement of the spacing and the method of arranging the yarn.
Jacquard weaving machine: A machine that weaves different patterns of yarns of two or more different colors. The general jacquard weave machine is based on the principle of sending a needle with a flower hub, etc. (most of them are like this). In addition, there is a full computer jacquard machine. The so-called computer jacquard machine pre-stores the pattern data on the computer disk, and then puts the disk into the computer of the loom, which is controlled by the computer for weaving.
Double-sided machine: Double-sided machine refers to a cylindrical machine with upper and lower dials. It is not an interlocking machine as generally referred to. It is only one type of double-sided machine. Interlocking machine: Since the interlocking organization is a basic organization, the structure of the interlocking machine is designed for this type of organization. This type of machine will not change much except for the left-woven interlocking organization and some needle-distributing tissues. A new type of matching needle containing corners can also be used to weave chicken cloth and double-sided cloth. Rib Machine: The biggest difference between the rib machine and the interlock machine is that the upper and lower needle slots of the former are arranged in line with each other, while the latter are arranged in opposition. The rib machine can weave more cloth than the interlocking machine. It can weave 1*1 rib, 2*2 wick, chicken cloth and beaded cloth, or a mixture of both and random pin arrangement.
Automatic Inter-machine: The automatic double-sided machine is mainly an interlocking organization from the automatic, and occasionally weave some pin-up organization, which can be divided into two types: computer and mechanical. Jacquard double-sided machine: The variety of jacquard double-faced machines is roughly the same. Jacquard double-sided cloth can be divided into two types, one is a patterned jacquard woven with different colors of yarn, called inter-color jacquard cloth; the other is the use of embryo yarn, using different coil arrangement and structure The jacquard cloth is called a net color jacquard cloth.