Aspects of hosiery changes in style can be considered


The hosiery machine is a device for making socks. It is […]

The hosiery machine is a device for making socks. It is fast in textile efficiency, guarantees the efficiency of making socks, and is recognized by users. What changes can be considered in the product style?
1. Pattern selection
The hosiery machine differs in the color of the materials used, and the obtained socks have different patterns and patterns. When using the sock machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the materials to be processed, and attention should be paid to the combination of thickness, length, and color. To ensure the quality of the display pattern.
2. Thickness requirements
Because the hosiery machine differs in size and size, the thickness of the woven socks can be significantly different. In the process of production, it is necessary to consider the sales position and sales time of the socks to ensure that the socks meet the requirements of wearing in thickness. Pay attention to the guarantee on the thickness of the thread.
3. Performance requirements
Socks are excellent in softness, anti-static and hygroscopic function, and will increase in sales. In addition to considering the different styles of socks, when using hosiery machines, attention should be paid to material properties. Ensure that the socks meet the needs in terms of comfort and use.