Advantages of choosing a double-cylinder circular socks machine(2)


The double-cylinder circular socks machine has two tria […]

The double-cylinder circular socks machine has two triangle systems: upper and lower. The lower triangle system has a two-way triangle seat for unidirectional and bidirectional rotary knitting heels and socks heads. The upper triangle system only makes the double-headed needle knit when the syringe is turned in one direction. The upper and lower triangle systems each have a transfer triangle, which can move the double-ended tongue needle up and down. The double-cylinder circular socks machine can also be equipped with two or three looping systems.
1. Feed the needle, the lower guide needle piece rises and pushes the tongue needle upward;
2. Into the hook, the tongue pushes the upper guide piece away and enters the hook of the upper guide piece;
3. Unhook the lower guide needle from the needle;
4. Reset and lower the lower guide pin to return to the original position. The socks knitted by the double-cylinder circular socks machine have better elasticity, but the mechanism is too complicated, and electronic technology has been applied to simplify the mechanism.